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Here’s the key to my vault…

 "It turns a week tomorrow of self-isolation in my bedroom. Not quite a dainty room, but I've got all the more reasons to be grateful for this little space that I can call mine. Journaling, through times of mist and fog, has always been my escape mechanism. Escape from what, one may ask. Reality, or rather its harshness. I've always found myself to just ease into another dimension through mode of mere letters and words. Weirdly enough, it was this lovely noon that I felt that maybe it's time to open my vault of emotions to the world. It's time for you to get a slice of my inner world. Through this, I hope more people can normalize writing diary and express themselves pliably to little pages of an old journal, far away from the judgements of all. Be comfortable. Be open. Pen out your heart like no one's looking. Well, it is true. No one isn't. Journal is your own space. You own it.

I remember when I was a kid of 10-ish, I used to shy away from writing diaries because I found it to be quite absurd and cringe. I was like, "Ew, don't expect me to dear diary this and dear that about cute boys and romantic movies and white chocolates and everything that an adolescent girl loves." Well, my point still stands, except it doesn't. Don't hesitate to get those bottled up feelings out of you. It might appear squirm-y, but that's what makes you you. I know that sounds so cliché, but it's the fact. This is one of the pieces of advice I'd give my younger self. So, get it off your chest. Pour it out. It does a lot more to your mental health, you have to trust me on this one. I'm pretty sure you'll thank me later.

Alrighty, well I'll be sharing some random snippets from the past and yeah, I'll also be writing new ones along the way as we go. I hope someone gets inspired to dust off a 2018 diary and turn it into a journal. Or at least I hope you get some good read from this, and hopefully I don't embarrass myself. Cheers!"