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Journal-1 Being myself

Date: 13.03.2020

Day: Friday

“Why is it so hard for me to be me? Why can’t I be me? Why is it easy for everyone else to be themselves?

 I wanna be me. I wanna follow my path. The path that my intuition tells me to follow. The path that is led by my heart and not my mind.

 Why do I give a damn about other’s thoughts and opinions? Why is it so hard for them to accept me as I am?

 I can’t fake and pretend to be miss-goody-shoes according to other’s opinions. Then that wouldn’t be me. Why do people give a damn about me as long as I don’t harm them in any way?

Know what? I couldn’t care less about other’s opinions and thoughts because it’s my life. My only life. I’m not gonna let their opinions ruin the happiness of my life. As long as I trust the universe, I know what I’m doing is right and that I’m on the right path. I trust the universe and I know that it will show me evident and legitimate signs.”

2 responses to “Journal-1 Being myself”

  1. Excellent thoughts. That’s the spirit we should possess. Gone are the days when I used to worry about what others would say about me. But now everything has changed after realizing that it’s impossible to please everyone. A wonderful blog that I can relate to.

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