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Journal-29 Mishaps for the best

Date: 10.07.2021

Day: Saturday

” The day started off really well. I posted my picture on Instagram story, which is quite unusual of me. As someone who doesn’t regularly update her social media, this selfie of mine in a grey tee in front of a musical fountain was quite an eye-catcher. And what actually made my day was the comments that followed. Everyone (eh, most of em) complimented on how much weight I’ve reduced and about my new soft blonde hair. Yeah, it did make me feel good and appreciated. Now comes the venting part lol.

Well, I might have messed up a friendship. Wrong words at the wrong time, dude. Ugh. I responded to my friend in a way he didn’t expect me to. It’s hard to explain, you know. I kinda feel like I didn’t validate his feelings. I really thought we were heading somewhere. A fling, perhaps? We were getting closer each day. And guess what? Now we’re back to square one of our friendship. We’re back to talking about Netflix series. Wow, like after months of building up this “friendship”, one wrong step and we’re back to how we started. But honestly, I’ve wanted to get rid of him for a while now. It’s like the Universe is warning me about him. And I constantly feel he isn’t worth my time. He really isn’t. Well, now the Universe has given me an opportunity to kick him out, or at least be less “close” with him. Maybe it’s all for the best. I shouldn’t oppose whatever the Universe has to offer me. We’ll see where this mishap takes us. Lmao this is exactly what I told him. Either way, I probably think it’s a warning not to jump into that rabbit hole again.”

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