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Journal-34 Serene morning

Date: 10.08.2021

Day: Tuesday

“Y’all, I’ve got a viva to prepare for. It’s tomorrow, and yet here I am to vent. Cause that’s how important it is and that’s how upset I am right now. Never has a phone call, a mere phone call messed up my head and emotions so bad. AARRGHH!!! Well, the morning started off pretty great. I had a super relaxed and peaceful mind today. I did have my classes though, but since I started off my day with focused yoga (even though it was just 15 mins) and watching YouTube, I felt pretty poised. I listened to Billie’s songs from her new album and discovered how deep and serene they are. Watched a couple of Rhett & Link videos, and also stumbled upon a new youtuber: sssniperwolf. It was so good and blissful at its peak, I had a peaceful nap and I made productive plans for the evening. It’s not that everyday I get an untroubled mornings to myself. Most importantly, I cut myself from my usual friend that I text everyday and IG. I didn’t text him the whole day and I haven’t been on IG a lot today. I felt and told myself that my mind is finally rejuvenated now. So, overall my day was going pretty well, I was content. F-king content till I received a phone call from my debate partner. Well, she called for chit-chat update. The conversation went smooth till she mentioned that she was selected for the college moot society. I don’t think I did a great job in concealing my disappointment when I realized that I wasn’t selected. Like, why not? I mean, I too was a part of the debate team. Why hasn’t anyone approached me? So, this is what got my emotions rolling down the slope. And secondly, she mentioned that the guy friend, who I text frequently, called her the other day, and they got talking for a while and he told her about some girl he dated in his first year. Ugh wtf? Honestly, y’all! Like, this legit bothered me to the core, ngl. I know it ain’t that big a deal but this fucking pissed me off. Ugh! So, all this (I know this might sound stupid) led me to take a decision that I am never gonna talk to him again in the way that I used to. I’m gonna keep a distance from him. Also, gonna spend minimum time on IG waiting for responses from crappy dudes from my past. Weirdly, I feel a bit more motivated to focus on my academics now. Maybe all this was a part of Universe’s plan. I read in my book “You are a badass” that I should try to see the positives in every negative situation that occurs. Guess this is the lesson I have to imbibe. Less drama, less people, more focus of productive stuffs, more engaging music and YT videos and yes, more poetry. Yup, this is how my life is gonna be. There, I’ve set my mind to it. So I guess that’s all I’ve got. I will update y’all about my lifestyle and how much I’ve been benefitted out of it. BFN, y’all. Love you”

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