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Journal-37 Quick update

Date: 12.09.2021

Day: Sunday

“Well, final exams have been scheduled. Internship works due in a week. Semester 5 presentations and shit going on. Plans to fly back to India next month, with slim chances of returning back here to Bahrain. College might reopen next month. This is my present status at the moment. And I have been feeling overwhelmed. I did address this issue earlier, but I’m gonna do it again cause it just surfaced up. It’s the feeling of instability in life again. Like, I wanna peacefully settle down in a place. And by a place, I mean here in Bahrain. Yes, I know I wished that I need some constant changes in life. But it doesn’t mean I need to keep flying back and forth. Ugh. And what stresses me out the most is my exam. I mean it was all so sudden and unexpected. They just scheduled it out of nowhere without a goddamned heads up. I’m so overawed that my emotions have brimmed up to the edge and have started spilling out. Not exaggerating here. And I honestly am not in a mind-set to write this now. I had to pop up and update y’all on my current situation. I’ve literally run out of words to elaborate on my on-going “crisis”, so yeah I’ll be heading out to bed. See ya in the next one!”

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