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Journal-41 Energy shift

Date: 04.10.2021

Day: Monday

“LIFE UPDATE!!! Y’all I’ve got so much to tell ya. Idk where to start from. Let’s just say that life’s been a tad different these days. Hmm okay, two days back, my dad bought a new phone for granny. Like the one that’s got 3 cameras in the rear end. And ever since I’ve laid my eyes on it, I’ve wanted to own it so bad. Like I haven’t felt this sort of “need” towards material stuffs in years. Well, predictably I lacked the audacity to tell my parents about it. But this time I decided that I wouldn’t swallow my wishes and that I would confront about it. And that’s exactly what I did. I told my mom that I liked this phone and needed one for myself. And unexpectedly, she was on board with it. So was my dad. And also, it wasn’t that scary to open up and tell them what I wanted. Though the whole “new phone” has been put on hold till my exams are done, I am so glad that I was finally able to tell them that I need a fucking new phone. I mean I like the idea of having a brand new big phone, not because there’s much complain about my current one. Either way, I’m glad I talked to them about it. Cause I’m one of those people who gets anxious af while opening up about their bare necessities. So that’s one change that happened. Moving on to second one, I recently started leaning more towards indie rock music now. IKR me listening to rock bands? But yeah, again one of the best things that’s happened to me ngl. I feel my taste buds in music just elevated to whole new level. Well honestly though, it made me consider Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish and all my usual people to be a bit inferior. Like they just sing about break ups and it’s always the same…low-key. Don’t get me wrong, I still do enjoy them. No hate to them! It’s just that this new genre sounds so fresh and energetic, and it had awoken some dead part in me, somewhere. I feel this whole shift of energy in my life. I can feel new positive things happening in my life this month. It’s just the 4th and a bunch of massive energetic shifts has already been taking place. It’s amazing. Also, this month I’ve started a “signs journal”. It’s a journal where one would update the “possible” signs from the Universe and the time received. For instance, white feathers on the street, angel numbers on clock or sign boards and yeah, you get the gist. So that’s been fun, though a bit tedious ngl. I had a smoked turkey sandwich yesterday after a long while. That’s new. And yeah, the Ficas plant in our living room has been shedding leaves a lot recently. Like it’s not because it’s dried up or something. It’s shedding fresh green leaves and new leaflets are already budding. I notice another energy shift. The Universe has been so responsive these days. My intuition has been stronger and clearer than ever. I guess this is why I was in that deep void space of constant depressive episodes for the past few weeks. I knew something big was coming my way. I knew I could trust the Universe. Oh yeah and one more thing, all social media platforms are down or “outage” (a new word that I just learned lol I had to use it sometime) all across the world. Not just in our neighborhood, or country, but in the whole freaking world. Massive energy shifts down the roll! I feel a huge sense of serenity within. Like I can rely on the Universe, and I know I really know that I’m on the right path of my journey.”

2 responses to “Journal-41 Energy shift”

  1. It’s an awesome post giving out positive vibes. Definitely love reading your blogs. They are so lovely with varying moods and emotions. Keep blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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