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Journal-43 2021 in a nutshell


Day: Thursday

“Hahaha I’m back on the fucking road again! Flying back to India tonight. Honestly, I feel this is a step to a new chapter of my life. Yeah well I’m not gonna whine about instability and me wanting to settle down and blah blah again. I know I’ve talked enough of that here. There’s something that had crossed my mind last night and I really wanna talk about it. It got me thinking how much I’ve evolved this year. Like honestly, my graph just shot up to whole new level. Firstly, I got my fucking eyebrows done yesterday. Y’all this is like a huge achievement for me cause it’s the first time I’ve ever got my brows done. You know what? I’m just gonna list the crazy (for me) things that I’ve accomplished this year down here

  • Got my eyebrows done
  • Got my face waxed. Hot wax, mind you
  • Lost my hair virginity that meaning I dyed my hair twice, had a layer cut
  • Fucking rode a horse!!! IK crazy right?!
  • Working on publishing my BOOK!!! (yes, it’s a dream come true!!)
  • Started Miraquill… poetry is my best friend now!
  • Been asked out by 4 guys. Honestly, wtf lol
  • Well I asked out a guy… and we all know how that went lol * smiles nervously *
  • Had the audacity to ask my parents for a new phone (A huge step of me, baby)
  • Courage not just to sign up for a legal debate but also to get through the first round!
  • Went to an actual court, like for real!
  • Listening to rock psychedelic indie music!! And most importantly, BOY BANDS!!! I knooow me listening to bands??
  • Oh I totally forgot about this one… I finally had my own IG account! (lol two of em, actually)
  • Tried my hand at art. Good experience though.
  • Wore a DRESS short DRESS for the first time!!!
  • Tried high heels!!!
  • I started a sign journal…
  • Wrote a bucket list
  • Got my first ever legal article published!! AHH MY FIRST FUCKING WORK EVER PUBLISHED!!!
  • For the very first time, I actually put my face (yeah that’s right) my actual face as my profile picture. Cause this bitch has been dealing with insecurity issues.
  • Okay y’all, I got a brand new fucking phone. And it’s AMAZING!!!!
  • Okay this is gonna sound crazy. Lol I don’t even know how to type this down here. I’ll just let you in a little hint. Hint: first kiss. First time made out. I’m screaming.

Wow I can’t believe all these things happened in a year, and yeah the year isn’t over yet. I know more incredible things had taken place, but this is all I can think of right now. Wow I am truly and totally in love with myself. I am so so proud of myself! I am so great!!! Yeeee!!! I can feel the abundance in me. I feel the truth. I feel the energy flowing through me. I feel the Universe being connected with me. I am so beyond grateful, I really am. Honestly, this is best way I can put it in. I love you, Universe!!! Thank you for always being there for me!!! ❤ “

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