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Journal-45 Need food asap

Date: 28.10.2021

Day: Thursday

“Y’all I’m tired. I’m exhausted. And above all, I’m fucking starving! Got politics exam tomorrow, and I am supposed to be revising rn…but ain’t got the energy for that. Nothing’s going into my head now. I’m completely numb and blocked out. I need peaceful long hours of sleep. Sleep deprived af. I need fooood! Y’all I’ve got this newfound addiction (sort of lol) where I mindlessly scroll on IG craving all these fast food. Like the ads of these cheesy pizzas, burgers with melted cheese and chicken wings…God, just writing about these makes me blurry with hunger. So yeah, ads of this kind keep popping up and I can’t help but keep gawking and drooling over it. I even created a fucking folder on IG for this type of content. I honestly can’t even see what I’m typing rn cause that’s how much blinded by hunger I am. Ugh. It’s almost 8pm now and I’m impatiently waiting for dinner. Like my body needs food and fucking sleep right noooow!!! I’m tired….”

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