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Journal- 46 Can I get that new phone?

Date: 01.11.2021

Day: Monday

” OMG I just realised that it’s 1/11 today and I’ve never been more glad seeing the date. A sign indeed.

Yeah, I’m back, same day. But it’s evening now. I just wanted to thank the Universe cause I finally and successfully completed my 3rd semester exams todaaaay!!! What a hell of a ride that was for the last one month! Like gosh! I was exhausted and hopeless cause I really didn’t think I’d be able to cover the entire semester in a month’s span. I feel relaxed and light minded today. Like I can finally breathe. Sigh. All those alarms set before the crack of dawn lol. Now I can sleep peaceful without any alarm buzzing at 2:45am. And above all that, I’m so so glad that my jurisprudence exam went far better than I had anticipated. It’s really a miracle that I even encapsulated the entire syllabus into my not-so-tiny brain in a month and a bigger miracle that all exams went well 🙂

Oohh and one more thing. Oka so I had promised my granny that I’d introduce her to her brand new phone once I’m done with my exams. So obviously duh that day is today. And I really hope (and I know I’m gonna sound selfish) that she despises the phone or doesn’t find it handy. Cause if that’s the case, then I get hold of the new phone. I be the new owner. As simple as that. See, it’s all for a good cause. Nothing selfish going on here lol. So far, she did mention that the phone is quite massive to fit into her purse. So that’s a good beginning. And once she starts operating, I bet (and I hope) that she finds it hard and confusing. Cause that device is soo perfect for me. She wouldn’t even use 95% of the apps on that. Like why would she even need..sigh never mind. Bottom line is…I really need a new phone. Period. Am I being reasonable here or am I just being a selfish bitch?”

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