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Journal-47 The one

Date: 05.11.2021

Day: Friday

” A heads up here. This is just a theory, okay? So let me loop you in. Uhm okay. So, I’ve been coming across a lot of 111s lately. And by that I mean a looot. And today, I’ve had this weird impulse to watch Mamma Mia on Netlfix. I can’t exactly place a finger on it but it felt like that movie is a sign to me. A major sign trying to convey something to me. Anyway, the whole plot of the movie was finding “true love” after 20 years. And yeah, I’m currently 20 years and so was the female protagonist. And also, the movie’s based off Greece and it subtly hints of Aphrodite in it. This is when I knew deep down that this is intended for me. This is the sign. Cause (for those of you who aren’t aware) my alter ego or shall I say, my pen name is Aphrodite. It felt different. Or maybe I’m just over analysing it. Yeah that probably must be it lol. Oh and also, the movie is about planning a wedding and everyone finding their “one”. And yeah, there’s a wedding coming up this month here. So hopefully this is where I find my “one”. Lol a bit cheesy huh. Well I can’t deny the adolescent side of me now, can I? Anyways, fingers crossed and we’ll see.”

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