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Journal-48 Instant connection

Date: 14.11.2021

Day: Sunday

” Okay so I was supposed to write this yesterday, but yeah my mind was literally all over the place. Let’s get into it real quick cause I really really wanna talk about it. So, for the past couple of days, I’ve been really missing Mr. AJ. But because of my fat ass ego and because I wanted to reciprocate his act of ghosting me, I refrained myself from texting him. And even if I did reply, I ensured my responses were dry af so that it conveyed the fact that I lost interest in him. Guess playing hard did the trick, cause yesterday he texted me. And guess what? He said he missed me. Not our conversations, but it was me who he was missing. Well yeah, one thing led to another and finally I felt in my gut that it was the perfect time to ring him up. Yeahh I got the freaking butterflies in my stomach, but deep down I knew it was all worth all the stupid anxiety. And unexpectedly, the conversation was one smooth flow. It had zero level of awkwardness. Did I mention that this was our first time talking over the phone? An instant connection was felt. Later, he said he’d hit me up with another call that very night. And yeah baby, he did keep his word. He’d rung me up around 1.45am but lol I had already hit the bed. But I texted him the moment I saw his missed call, which was around 2.30am. Yup, the phone was right beside me waiting for his call. My bad that I dozed off during the waiting process. Oh God, I sound so fucking cheesy. What tf is wrong with me? Why do I fall for the guy who’s been ghosting me all these days? Am I stupid or what? Whatever. Anyway, fast forward to today, we actually spent the entire day bantering. Well, now we know how this one’s gonna end. Probably gonna ghost me again. Sigh. Either way, I’m glad this is how my weekend went. And from tomorrow, Imma get back to my usual self. No guys, no texting, no daydreaming, no constantly checking my phone for his texts.

Also, wish me luck cause I’m gonna start off my internship tomorrow. Wonder how that’s gonna be now. Anyway, this is all for today y’all. Love you guys so much. Peace out now!”

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