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Journal-49 A prayer

Date: 18.11.2021

Day: Thursday

” I’m scared. I fear reality now. Makes me wish all of this is a mere illusion. I wish we could escape this horrible reality soon. I know I’ve made mistakes in my life and I don’t loathe myself for that. Instead, I embrace those errors made as they’ve made me a better person that I am today. But I do despise myself when I repeat those very exact mistakes, well aware of the consequences it’ll lead to. God, please save me. Please help me. Please provide me with sufficient consciousness and wisdom lest I don’t fall into the darkest pits I once was a victim of. Please save me from whatever mess is going on in my life right now. I did my best to rectify them, For I know it cannot be undone. Lord, please I humbly pray to release me from these shackles, for I’ve gained an insight about the errs made. Yes, I learned not to trrad upon those diabolical paths again. Hear my prayer, my helpless prayer oh Lord. I feel.lost, lonely and confused.

Just as I thought to myself that there’s nothing to worry about, I see an angel number 111. An assurance from You that I’m guided by Your divine presence eternally. I hope I wake up tomorrow, free from all this delusional fears. Let me live a simple life, for I am happy and bless to be alive.

P.S. it’s completely unrelated to what I’d written now but… sigh, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello broke up today and that really broke me down inside. It felt like there was a huge boulder casually placed on to my chest.”

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