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Journal-53 Tummy issues

Date: 04.01.2022

Day: Tuesday

“First one of the year, baby! Omg, I just realized that it’s gonna be 2 years since I’ve started writing diaries. Wow, I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this far. Impressive! So yeah, here am I on a lovely afternoon, sipping my black coffee. A tad bit of sugar just to subtly get rid of the bitterness. Ah the curtain beside me keeps drifting in the gentle breeze of January. Nature’s very own chirpers seem to be chirping away in a jolly good mood. Damn, this black coffee really does bring out the poet out of me huh. Why the black coffee out of the blue, you may ask. Well, your girl’s got a bit of tummy issues this morning. But yeah, I’m kinda glad I do cause it made me lose more than a kilo. I’ve been trying so hard to cut down on calories, you know, stop binging on foods. And now, I got back to my initial weight because of this little tummy situation going on here. Anyway, I hope it doesn’t shoot up again. Well, my coffee’s done, so is my writing energy. Maybe I’ll just take a nap now or read Evelyn Hugo book. Y’all this book that I am currently on, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, is by far the best one I’ve read in a really long while. It’s too good, you know. The storyline is pretty detailed yet it just seems to flow with ease. Thanks to Claudia Sulewski for recommending it lol. Alrighty then, gotta bounce off cause I don’t think I can sit here any longer, cause my stomach isn’t in the mood, you know. So bye bye!”

2 responses to “Journal-53 Tummy issues”

  1. Wow. Very interesting read, dear. Good to know about the weight loss which is taking forever in my case. 😊😊😊. Always a joy to read your blogs and hearty congratulations on your writing journey.

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