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Journal-54 Positive

Date: 12.01.2022

Day: Wednesday

“Phew! One heck of a week this has been. Definitely a rollercoaster, one would say. Well, for starters, this Sunday I had my very first waffles. Like it has been an absolute dream of mine since forever to lay my hands on some really good waffles. They’ve always looked quite enthralling and appealing to one’s eyes. And the honey casually drizzled over it? Oh my, that was the cherry on the top. Though I gotta admit, waffles do get along better with maple syrup than with honey. My apologies, lil bees! Right, so that was quite a lovely experience. Although, I was bit under the weather that day, cause guess what? Another rollercoaster moment of the week. I got tested positive for covid. Yeah, I can hear plenty of imaginary gasps there. Well, no biggie to me, cause it actually feels like a normal flu. I’ve still got bit of sore throat and stuffy nose. Apart from that, let’s talk about how it has been affecting me on a personal level. Well, there is this self-isolation in my room. So that means being in room all day, watching Netflix, writing poetry, reading books on my bed… ah what a life! No really, what more could I ask for? This is literally a slice of heaven here. Food being served to my room, while I binge Sex Education on Netflix. Can’t believe but I’ve got myself to watch Pride and Prejudice. It’s one of those classic movies that’s been on wish list. Now that I’ve got more than plenty of time in hand, Imma keep striking each movie off my wish list. Oh look, Mom just brought me a nice hot cup of black coffee and two slices of wheat bread. As I said, what more of a delightful life could I possibly ask for? This break from my social life and friends is exactly what I had asked for to the universe. Of course, I am thankful as always for my lovely pals who keep checking on me day and night. But now that we have resorted back to online mode of classes, and no internships wow this has really given a lot of time for me to self-reflect and do things that I personally enjoy doing. Oh imma be back soon cause my coffee’s getting cold. And yeah your girl prefers it hot for that sore throat of hers (ugh why does that sound…dirty?). Lol, brb for now.”

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