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Journal-56 Where’s the pause button?

Date: 13.12.2021

Day: Monday

“I’m overwhelmed. There’s a roller coaster of mixed feelings just gushing through. I feel lost. I feel confused. Where am I heading to? Why this rush? What’s the hurry in life? Can we just press brakes for a moment and analyse our lives? Like honestly, wtf are we doing here? Why are we running in life? I feel blank. Bleak. To put it in brutal honesty, I feel worthless. I am questioning the reason for my existence now. Lol not in a spiritual way. It’s quite… idk depressive maybe? Though I know “depressive” is quite an intense word to use here ngl. It’s just that there’s a lot of things going on in my life. I’m beginning to doubt my value. My self worth. It’s weird. It sucks. And I want it to end.”

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