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Journal-59 Social media=depression?

Date: 23.12.2021

Day: Thursday

“Okay this is weird. And it’s really killing me inside. Earlier, I did say that I loathe people. I despise humans. I need alone time, me time. I need to focus on me. Humans make me fucking depressed. Blah blah blah… and now, everyone’s busy with Christmas. And yeah, so am I. But now that I don’t have anyone to talk to, I feel depressed again. Lonely. Fuck this. Everything makes me depressed. It’s like I’m almost 21 and I still haven’t figured out how to live a peaceful life. Like I know it’s not that hard. Key to a peaceful happy life is not to give a damn about others. Just shift your focus within. Focus on your inner growth. Your mental health. Shut off social media. Forget that you even have social media. Read. Read good shit. Read because you want. Write your heart out. Watch stuffs that’s relaxing and enjoyable to you. Not because it’s popular and trending. Laugh. Live every moment. Be aware of the fact that you’re alive. Bitch, you’re fucking alive. That’s every reason for you to be happy. Depression is so last season. Enjoy the holidays with your fam. Friends around ya. Kick social media out, at least during the festive season. Or at least till you’ve regained your mental stability. Just don’t check social media. Trust me, at times like these, it just drains out all your positive energy. So just keep away from it, okay? A message to self.”

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