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Journal-66 Living with regrets.

Date: 17.01.2022

Day: Monday

” Sigh, I think it does without saying that I do miss Mr. AJ. I sometimes regret taking that step. The step where I had permanently cut strings from him. But hey, if it weren’t for that move, I wouldn’t be here blogging. I’d still be sticking my nose up in my phone, waiting for hours for his one line texts. Honestly though, I feel relaxed without him actually. But I’d be lying if I say that I don’t miss our bickering friendship. Well, if we are meant to cross paths again, we will. It has happened once, and it shall happen again. Its all on the divine timing. The Universe knows best and I trust it.

Also, my poems I’ve penned down lately are all about him. It’s drenched in misery, like some deep shit is going on there y’all. Lol I feel heartbroken just reading them. It’s way too raw and intimate. Maybe that’s how it was with him. Pure. Oh God, no. Not me obsessing over him again. He’s out of my life for a fucking reason. I just gotta accept the bitter pill that my life’s better without him in it.”

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