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Journal-74 Pitfalls of ecstasy.

Date: 04.02.2022

Day: Friday

“Well, I don’t wanna jinx it but my life’s been pretty neat for a few days. Sure I did have a wild episode few nights back, but relatively it’s been decent. This whole detachment and prioritizing myself regime has left no room for depressive thoughts. Or even to miss someone. Like I don’t fucking miss a soul and I’m cool with that. I’ve learned to keep my mind occupied with productive stuffs. And yeah, guess what? Being happy and getting your shit together has got its own downfall. I’m talking about us writers. (Yes, I do associate myself as a writer, cause ain’t I one?). I haven’t written a poem in a long while. My creativity has become stale. A writer’s block, perhaps? Like you genuinely can’t get yourself to write something meaningful and deep if you are happy. You really gotta have those rushes of emotions. You have to be sad and miserable to keep that poet in you alive. Oh those pieces I’ve written on days when I missed Mr. AJ. Heartfelt words, I must say. Ngl it even got me tear up a bit. Like reading my own writings hit me hard. As mentioned above, I lack emotions, thereby causing me to have writer’s block. Sure sucks, doesn’t it?”

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