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Journal-78 A day off.

Date: 18.03.2022

Day: Friday

“Because of this tiny tummy situation here, Mom suggested I take a day off from college. Boy, never have I been more excited to skip class in all these years. A day away from these toxic people? Yes please. And guess what, I had spent the day switching off my phone, and dozing off about the entire day till noon just like previous Saturday. God, it feels heavenly to disconnect from these people. Today is sports day at college, and yet here I am at home, trash talking about em. Am I planning to attend college next week? Not really, not even for this college event, cause that’s how much I crave a break from my life here. Can you believe when I say that idgaf about my fucking attendance? Like at this point, I really don’t care about it. Fuck it. My mental health is way miserable right now. And if that means I have to sacrifice my grades to keep up with my mental health, then so be it. I don’t want good grades with a sucky negative rotten mind. I prioritize my health over anything and everything. Period. I even went to the extent of telling my mom to book train tickets to her hometown next week, if it that meant skipping 2-3 classes. Judge me all you want, IDGAF. Now that’s low-key under my control. So yeah, back to binge eating. One of the reasons why I think I’ve recovered from it is I’ve found other areas to binge on. These days, it’s either IG reels, or sleeping. Wait, brb I’m getting nauseous again.”

2 responses to “Journal-78 A day off.”

  1. Hope you feel better soon! Honestly, I had a similar experience in college. Some of the people were super toxic and my last year was so exhausting I skipped some classes too and just slept in instead lol.

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