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Journal-79 Weekend getaway plans.

Date: 20.03.2022

Day: Sunday

” Mommy’s birthday is coming up. This week we’re packed with events. Our lives were as dry as arid deserts all this while, and now boom. Two weeks filled with reasons to get out of the house. Well, am I excited? Uhm I do wanna be. But this mental burn out isn’t helping me to stay enthusiastic now. Well, for a change, let’s focus on the good things now, shall we? Right. Hair update: it’s freaking green now. Yeah, take your time to digest that now. We went for neon blue and it turned out dead freakish green. And it’s not even the bright Billie Eilish green. It’s literally dead. A lifeless shade. And the front of my hair is pitch black now. Oh, we were supposed to talk about the positives. This pop of colour is quite out of the box, I’d say. I mean it’s not usual to spot someone with this shade on the streets. Also, we learned a lesson here. Blue/green does not go well with my skin complexion. Soft blonde or maybe a lighter shade of brown or red complements my face. That’s progress. Also, I’m not too disappointed about this green. It’s weird, and right now I always prefer to stand apart from the crowd of clichés. Like everyone’s got brown or red. How many freaky green haired females can you find here? Exactly. Moving on to the rest of the week’s plans. There’s our college event coming up on 22nd. The only two things I look forward to is 1. I get to wear my new short sexy dress (though I haven’t decided if I should go for the black or the purple one), and 2. I get to take pictures for the gram. And uhm, there’s another thing that might possibly happen that day, though I’m well aware that the chances of happening are mildly slim. Mr. CSG (the guy I’m low-key seeing) might come to my place to just “hang out” with me. And idk how I feel about that. Cause I’ve never experienced such a casual date. Also, my paranoia isn’t sitting well with me here. I do get thoughts of him murdering me. Well, in this case, I’m pretty grateful about being paranoid and not being gullible enough to fall for anything. We’ll see where it leads us to. Alright, moving forward, my mom’s going out for lunch with her friends on her birthday. And trust me, I’m more excited for that to happen that for my own college day. The thought of my mom chilling out with people of her age and just relaxing makes me happy more than it does her. Idk I feel she’s too fixated on me and the house that she never gets time to even remotely think about going out with her friends. So that’s another happy event this week. Also, granny might come here for her birthday. I smell a cake this week, lmao. Yes I know I’m on a diet now, although I’m not sure how much it’s gonna destructed this week. The cherry on top is that we’re travelling to mom’s place this Friday. Finally a change of atmosphere. Also, I’m skipping class this Friday. Lol I’ve never this excited to miss classes. And we’ll be staying there for a week, I guess. And again, idk to what extent my diet is gonna collapse. Anyway, that’s another thing to look forward to this week. Weekend getaway, if you will. Yo that’s a cool caption for the gram, if I find something to post. So yay me! Many great happenings coming up. Can’t wait! And yes, fingers crossed…I’m flying back to Bahrain on April 12th. Half a month remaining for that!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO FINALLY GET OUT OF THIS HELLHOLE. God, someone just save me from here. Now that’s something that I’m really keen into. We’re flying via Sri Lanka, meaning…we get to stay in the lounge for 6 whole hours. Lol I’m already craving their food. Right, coming back. Let’s focus on the near future now. College day. What am I gonna do? Honestly, I ain’t got high expectations for that. But it’s change from my usual anti-social life, so yeah that’s something to look forward to.”

I pray that this week turns out to be as eventful as I anticipate it to be. I immensely pray that this week shifts my mind-set into positivity and happiness, for I’ve been in the abyss of depression for quite a while now. I do deserve a bit of smiles and sunshine, and that’s what I pray that this week brings me. I know my prayers will be heard for which I am grateful for. Lift me up from this spirals of pessimism and let me see the light of the Your glory. Amen.

PS: idk what in me got me to be so religious all of a sudden lol.”


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