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Journal-86 Absolute bliss.

Date: 15.04.2022

Day: Saturday

“Al Abraj Turkish bread, Quinoa Avocado salad with a mild dressing, Tabouleh, Hummous and Mutable. Oh Lord, what a heavenly breakfast it was this morning. I know I know, it sounds way too “religious” but this is how I wanna express my gratitude today. It’s 9:30 pm right now and the aftertaste still lingers on my palate. This was a meal that I had eaten mindfully. Complete focus on each bite and each chew. Ah I acknowledged each grain and I appreciated each morsel. The chewy yet soft bread that gets sweeter upon every nibble. The side dishes compliment the subtle acidity of the salad, neither overpowering each other. And all this washed down with a nice sip of home grounded coffee. Idk if that’s what it’s called, but you know what I mean. The contrasting nutty flavor lovingly dominating my palate with a mild touch of sweetness buried deep within. Lol I should probably get into food blogging. But keeping all those apart, I’ve never had a more exquisite experience with a meal before. And guess what, though I consumed a massive portion, I had zero amounts of post-meal guilt. No worrying about weight gain or shit like that. I was happy and I was grateful for having that breakfast. I appreciated each moment of that part of the day. I didn’t obsess over the calorie count or skinny fat issue or anything at all. I was in the moment, unbothered about everything else. I was at peace with myself and I was at peace with food. It wasn’t like this usual overeating episode when I’d just wanna stuff my mouth with anything edible. No, it was an “eating” experience. It felt like meditation tbh. Ah moments like these are rare. Embrace them while they last. And after that momentarily divine breakfast, I resumed my binge eating mania. UGHH FML. I sure am putting on weight now. But it’s not that I get to eat the food here every day. God knows when I’ll be here the next time. Gotta make the most out of it, right? Anyway, back to being calorie deficit tomorrow. No snacking in between! Lol Dad’s making a pistachio cake tomorrow for Easter and Mom’s gonna be making all sorts of usual Easter delicacies. Remind me how I’m gonna be in a fucking calorie deficit diet now.”


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