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Journal-87 Life’s been heavenly.

Date: 25.04.2022

Day: Monday

“Damn I haven’t been up here in a pretty long while huh. Don’t get me wrong, but I figured that I only pop in here when I don’t feel “it”, you know. It’s like this is my venting area. I only come in here when there’s something shitty something going around or in my mind. And I don’t wanna jinx it, but ever since I’ve come to Bahrain, I have been feeling my absolute best. My mind’s at the best spot it has ever been in a long long while. And that’s amazing. Also, I don’t get all guilty after binge eating or over eating cause now I’ve learned to appreciate and relish each bite. And this, for some unfathomable reason, has scaled down my overall tendency to keep munching. Well, I still do struggle with it but yeah, I’ve made a huge ass progress and I’m all for it. Life’s been pretty dope lately. Like it’s really good. I’ve got no complaints, my mental health is at its zenith of happiness. It feels good to be back. And also it’s probably because I am faaar away from those toxic people there. Phew! Anyways, well things going kinda good with Mr. AJ. My Mr. Darcy, I guess. Cheesy!! Well, anyway, my mind has learned to cope with his absence now. Like honestly if he doesn’t text me a day, like for instance, he didn’t text me the whole day today, I’m completely cool with it. I focused on my shit meanwhile and yeah, his absence doesn’t have much of an impact on me now. Though I’d be lying if I say that it didn’t feel a tad empty without him today. Anyway, I’m so glad that I’m not overly obsessed with him now as I used to be. I guess that 3 month break did both of us good. So that’s there happening sideways. Moving on to Mr. GC (a good friend of mine that I’ve been currently “talking” to), well I haven’t been texting him much these days. And he kinda picked up the vibe. Uh well also I did confess to him that I’ve had feelings for him weeks back. And this is explanation I gave him for my sudden unexplained disappearance from texting him. And to shake things up a bit, this dude said even he had feelings for me “a while back”. Okay, what am I supposed to do with this information? I liked a guy and now he admits he liked me back. Okay, very informative piece. Am I numb or have I just gotten used to feeling of guys crushing me on? Lol not bragging here, mind you. I’m just saying…why am I not on cloud nine over the fact that a guy has caught feelings for me? Well, at this point I’d be surprised if a guy didn’t fall for me. Lmao now that was bragging. Anyway, we’ve moved past that, or at least I did. Also, why do I get the feeling that he’s still crushing on me? Either way, I’m already dealing with Mr. AJ now. I don’t want to meddle with a lot of dudes at once. Too many guys spoil your what…uhm life? Spoil the fun? The vibes I guess? Mm what else? Yeah, gooood news! My ex has finally, I mean finally stopped talking to me!! OMG I feel soo free without that dude in my life. He even unfollowed me on IG. Honestly, praise the Heavens cause if ain’t a miracle, idk what is. I mean wow. Y’all have no clue how flowing my life is right now. That’s taken care of now. Ugh I really don’t wanna study political science now. I’m supposed to, but I just don’t want to. It’s tedious. It’s monotonous. It’s boring. It’s pointless. It’s killing me. I need a break from studies. A day will do me good for sure. That’s the point of me popping in here, to grab a quickie break from politics. Just 10 more days here y’all. Gotta savour each moment, and by that I meant gotta savour each bite I take now. Ain’t got no time for regrets. I guess this is how one should actually LIVE. Like enjoy every moment like it’s your last. Do things without regret. Go for the stuffs that you’ve been craving for. Cause life’s way too short to not do your fav things. Ah well, it’s always a delight to preach and to get all philosophical every once in a while. It’s 9pm now, my eyelids are getting heavy. I know, it’s way too early to hit the pillows now, but sleep is irresistible now isn’t it? Contemplating if I further study for an hour more or just call it night? Maybe some Netflix will be relaxing. Or maybe it’s best if I study. Ugh fml. Gotta set my priorities straight now.”

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