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Journal-92 Keep calm and…that’ll do.

Date: 04.06.2022

Day: Saturday

” Ah, now this is life. Fan on medium speed, Camila’s Spanish songs in the background, journaling on the comforts of my bed after a strenuous yoga session, tomato face mask (not actually a mask, just the tomato juice, but let’s pretend it’s a fucking mask shall we?) and about to watch Claudia Sulewski’s therapeutic videos. Soon I’ll be editing my poems and will be heading off to the two books I’m currently reading. One of them is a birthday gift I got from a friend. Twelfth fail is what it’s called. It’s simple, which is why it’s calming. No thrill, no romance, no adrenaline rush. Pretty serene, I’d say. The other book is quite the opposite. It’s a psychological thriller. Blood spill, creepy chills you know it. It’s Verity by Colleen Hoover, recommended by a friend months ago. I was never in a mind-set to give this a try until few days back. Pretty intense. I’ve realized that I always read two or more books of contrasting genres simultaneously. Cause it depends on my mood, and yeah it swings back and forth multiple times a day. Anyway, I’m glad that I’m finally back to the habit of reading again. The year started off pretty strong in terms of my reading streak. Like I used to finish off 4 books per month. And then came exams, internships, internals, depressive episodes, blah and blah. Recently, when I forced to reinforce the habit, I was literally struggling to even finish a page. Like I really couldn’t get my eyes on a page for even a minute. Not exaggerating y’all. It turns out I spent excessive amount of my time on social media, just scrolling mindlessly on reels and constantly checking my texts. It mentally drains you for real. Well, though I’m still guilty of my social media addiction, I have managed to get back to books once again. Hmm well I guess that’s all for now. I ain’t got much time tbh, cause I gotta shower soon and before that I wanna watch Claudia renovating her new house. Oh yeah, I gotta edit my poems as well. So guess I’ll take your leave now. Sorry if I sound like I’m getting late for an important business meeting or something smh. Lol. Bye guys.”


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