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Journal-93 Wait, is this my mom speaking for real?

Date: 27.07.2022

Day: Wednesday

“Wow, I miss this place. My happy place. Sigh, I really do miss just opening up and talking to you guys out here. Life’s been pretty overwhelming these days. Overwhelmed with emotions. Depression. Oh, speaking of which, my depressive episodes have gotten pretty wild and I couldn’t keep em concealed any longer. So yeah, I told my mom about it. Like I honestly never thought I would open up about my feelings with my mom. Like yo, my mom out of all the people. I never imagined I’d confide my mental health issues with her. I’m gonna need some more time to digest that. Anyway, she suggested (another shocker on the roll) that I get into therapy. Yo what? That was the last thing I expected from her. I assumed she’d blatantly pin the blame on my excessive phone usage or on my “not her favourite” friends of mine. Unbelievably, she gave off a rational remedy. Huh you really think you’d know someone, until you don’t.”


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