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Journal-100 A twist of feelings?

Date: 03.10.2022

Day: Monday

“Weird, cause I popped in here to vent mindlessly about how shitty I feel. Before getting on with my usual venting spree, I decided to play some music in the background. And this time, I went for Krishna’s flute. And boy, trust me when I say that everything shitty I wanted to throw in here just dissipated into thin air. Like I can no longer remember what I was gonna tell you guys here. Real powerful stuff this one. No other music works this magically for me. Damn. I already feel light minded, and all my annoying problems seem so itty-bitty to me now. Like I can’t believe how I was planning to ruin my night by hyper-fixating on these insignificant things. Bruh, I literally came to vent here no cap. And now, I feel blessed and safe for some reason. I feel secure and I feel some protection around me for real. Damn again. This is cool. I should listen to this more often. It’s so relaxing and serene, way more relaxing than a podcast. Cause listening to pod keeps the problems resurfacing up again, though it makes you feel you’re not alone you know. This is like actual therapy.

PS: Know what? I’ve made it to 100 blogs!!! What started out as an escape during my Covid days turned out to be an engaging hobby for me. Words cannot emphasis how grateful to have made it this far. I honestly never imagined I’d share my rambling pieces of life out here. Lol thanks guys for keeping up with my non sensible talks here.”


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