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Journal-104 Ghosting the ghoster.

Date: 27.10 2022

Day: Thursday

“Been an entire week of constantly jamming to Taylor’s Midnights album. Chances are high that this could replace my top favourite Taylor album. We’ll see how long this obsession is gonna last now lol. So what’s new in this hottie’s life? For starters, life’s hectic af. Like really hectic and tedious. I’ve got my exams tomorrow, yet I found bits of time to hop in here. Well, it’s mainly cause I’ve already prepared for the test and we’re already given the important questions. So that’s been there. And expanding on the whole “hectic life”, we’ve got a record to turn in a few days, my 6th semester exams are next month, and I’ve signed up for a quiz which is in like three days. Sigh. Ngl, all these multiple deadlines have made me focussed the whole time. Like I haven’t got time to get depressed now lol. Sleep’s been really good, my eating habits are controlled and yeah, in a nutshell my life’s been pretty great. Although I have a lot on my plate right now, I don’t feel over pressured or burdened for some reason. That’s good though.

Oooh, the highlight of this month: wait lemme refresh your memory. Remember how I used to vent out here about Mr. AJ and how we used to hit it off really well and he ended up ghosting me like crazy. Well, he hit me up a few days back after a long ass silent treatment and we started talking again lol. But we haven’t been vibing like we used to ever since his visit here? Or should I say, ever since our video call incident? Like he seems dry and dull. And we haven’t talked like in a month. And I didn’t mind about it, cause I’ve finally learned what type of a person he is. He just texts cause he’s bored. Not cause he really wants to talk with me. And my poor innocent ass thought he genuinely wanted me and “loved me” last year that I used to wait for his texts every second. And that led to the land of binge eating. What a phase that was! Now idgaf about him. Well, he did text me a few days back and I’ve been reciprocating his treatment. Not intentionally or because of ego and shit, but because I’ve learned to get my priorities straight. Ow, fucking burnt my tongue tryna get some oats in. Yup, I’ve got oats for dinner, just like the last couple of days, yk ever since that whole “overeating and throwing up at night” situation. Right. So yeah, and today I took a 15 hour+ of social media detox. Like I turned off my internet last night around 11pm and turned it on again today around 5pm. Like damnnn! This helped me to get a lot of reading done. Speaking of which, I’ve read two books this month. I know that’s only half the number I used to in the beginning of this year, but then it’s still progress tho. Cause considering my mental health war for the past few months and my phone addiction, I haven’t been into reading. And now I’m finally back on track.”

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