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Journal- 108 Roles have reversed.

Date: 15.11.2022

Day: Tuesday

“Okay, hear me out. I’m fucking overwhelmed rn. I thought this whole social media break was supposed to do me good. I thought taking a break from constantly texting Mr. CG was supposed to help me focus on studies. Boy, could I be MORE wrong about this? I do keep consistently stalking his presence on his other socials and still has been intensely detrimental to my mental health. And he hasn’t texted me in like 4 days, and this is not like him. But on the bright side he did sent me a random weird gif this evening out of the blue. It was more like a conversation starter and yeah we have been talking now. But idk dude, I feel something’s off between us now. Did he lose interest? Or am I the one going farther away from him? Cause now that we’re talking again, I keep checking my phone for his texts. And that’s overwhelming. And even when we don’t text, he’s on my mind 24/7. Like a stupid internet break is not gonna help me stop thinking about him. I’m obsessed with him! And it’s getting out of my control. Can there be at least one peaceful moment where my thought is about something that isn’t him? Please. And also, I haven’t been able to get my head around studies now, and my exam’s in like 9 days. Welp! Henceforth (ew, where did that come from?) I shall be going out tomorrow to blow off some steam and clear my head, even though I got a shit load to finish. I remember he used to tell me in the beginning how obsessed he was with me, and how crazy he used to be with constantly checking his phone for my texts. And how the roles have reversed now lol. Fate!”

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