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Journal-23 Gratitude

Date: 26.05.2021

Day: Wednesday

“Yup, it’s me from the next day. Last night, while I was casually laying on my bed, I had this epiphany. I realized that most of my diary entries are super negative. I feel I only drop in here when I am depressed or when I don’t feel good about myself. So today, I’m gonna write the positive things about my life as well. Even if I can’t think of any good stuffs, I’m gonna force myself to write something nice about my life. In that way, I can manifest optimism into my life. Yes, this is how I’m planning to perceive my reality. Even if my life appears desolate on the surface, I’m sure that the Universe has blessed me with a myriad of things to get excited about. Let’s start about the things that I am grateful for. Firstly, me. Yes, I am beyond indebted to be me, rather than anyone else in this world. I love myself so much that I’m in dearth of vocabulary to describe my ardor to me. I am in love with the way my brain works, my bittersweet experiences, literally everything about me. Though there might be times when I felt inferior to others on social media, I honestly couldn’t care less about their fake life. Their feigned life is way awful than my actual life. So yes, the reality I get to be a part of is definitely one of the things to be grateful for. Secondly, it’s about my growth in terms of mental and social progress. I have to say, though sometimes my life might appears stagnant, I know for a fact that I am evolving. I know I have talked about this before. But it’s worth mentioning again. I am growing spiritually. Now that is indeed a huge blessing. It’s like I am progressing each moment, and I can feel it in me. The way I respond to things, my interests, my way of thought processing, everything keeps scaling up. And not to mention the people around me, such lovely supportive humans. Especially, my mom and dad. I am sooo thankful for my lovely parents. And yes, my countable friends. Though I ain’t got many to brag about, I am grateful for those few sincere friends in my life. See, now that makes me better. In fact, writing the good things in one’s life definitely makes one’s frown turn upside down. I feel so much better than yesterday. Wow. I mean like woow! This stuff actually works. Impressed am I. Right, I guess this should be enough to keep me happy the whole day. So yeah, fingers crossed that this ecstasy lasts long enough. Keep smiling, y’all! Whatever happens in life, don’t you ever lose that gorgeous smile of yours. 🙂 “

2 responses to “Journal-23 Gratitude”

  1. Very beautiful post, dear. I am so glad to read this entry. Always keep smiling and be positive. Happy women’s day to you. 😊😊🌹🌹🌹🌹

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