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Journal-15 JOMO saves the day

Date: 11.04.2021

Day: Sunday

“Okay, so I meant to write this yesterday, but couldn’t. Hence, here I am today. So you know that I’ve been struggling with FOMO for a while now. But yesterday, I saw something that made absolutely no sense at first. Later, it clicked my mind and made me smile. There was a t-shirt in this store with the word JOMO written on it. At first I was like, “Lmao, what on earth is JOMO? It sounds weirdly ludicrous.” Later, I read the expansion beneath the word. It stands for Joy Of Missing Out. Idk what about it made me happy. That actually made me flip FOMO to the positive face. The joy of missing out. It made me think of FOMO from a whole new optimistic perspective. Adding on to this, today I listened to Emma Chamberlain talk about her struggle with FOMO. She mentioned that she grew out of it. Like, she was tired of the whole FOMO scuffle. And that genuinely made me think twice of the stuffs that I was going through. Maybe, it’s high time that I allowed myself to grow out of it, like Emma.

So these two incidents, though it may sound insignificant, had huge positive shift on my mental state. So rn I’m in a much better place, mentally. Something to be grateful, for now.”

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