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Journal-97 Don’t let stupid fears get in your way.

Date: 02.01.2023

Day: Monday

” New year’s first one! Yaay for that! Just got home from a long ass drive to a hill station. Low-key tired as I type this, but then again when am I not tired lol? Anyway moving on, this year’s Christmas vacation is literally the best one I had in my life! No cap here, cause not a single day did I spent at home idle. I made use of all opportunities to explore with my dad. Never have I enjoyed traveling more than this year. So beyond grateful! I miss just drinking coffee and roaming on the streets. Everything about this year’s vacay went off way more spectacular than what I had pictured. And to think how this vacation started with fear of body dysmorphia and fear of going out cause apparently I felt “fat”? Just realized I let insignificant stupid fears get in the way of living my life. Do I still feel “bad” about my body? Hell yes, but at least now I focus on having fun and just creating memories. Cause when we look back, it’s the company and stupid things we laughed about that comes in our mind; not if our tummies were out or if our thighs looked flabby. It’s all about the release of the endorphins and dopamine and serotonin (I really don’t know which hormone in specific, so just bear with me here lol). I’m gonna make this as a new year’s resolution: to not give a fuck about how your body appears and give yourself full permission to have fun and smile. Wow, this has gotta be the cliché-est resolution ever. But it’s worth it tho. You can take it with a grain of salt or not, up to you.

Y’all i’m really sleepy and tired after a long ass drive. I know it’s just 7pm and I might hit the bed soon! Love you guys, and yeah happy new year! :)”

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